Foster Family Agency

Foster Family Agency - June 2016 Update

This month has been an exciting month for everyone involved in the KYJO Foster Family Agency. Not only were we able to end May off with a Foster Family Appreciation dinner but we were able to help our first youth graduate from high school on June 8, 2016. What a joy it is to have assisted our first high school graduate involved in the KYJO Foster Family Agency. This young man, we will call him K, has exhibited each of the KYJO core values. (i.e. K is a compassionate, honest, open-minded, ethical young man who has continually persevered through his vision of transparency and has worked with his Social Worker to make a difference while striving for excellence.). Please help us congratulate K for all of his hard work and achievements. We are proud to be working with you K! –Tammie Makely, FFA Administrator

FFA – Sienna Gonzales, Social Work Specialist

This month the KYJO Foster Family Agency would like to honor the hard work and dedication of Sienna Gonzales. While Sienna Gonzales has worked in many roles within KYJO Enterprises, Inc. we would especially like to acknowledge her for her most recent role of FFA Social Work Specialist. Sienna currently holds a caseload of five (5) foster youth and works diligently to understand and fulfill the needs of each individual on her caseload. When Sienna Gonzales was recently asked what she enjoys most about working for the KYJO Foster Family Agency, she stated: "I love that I get to learn something new every day." Thank you, Sienna Gonzales, for all of your hard work, love, and growth that you have shown over the past few months. It's great to have people like you working within our Foster Family support team. – Tammie Makely, FFA Administrator

Why be a Foster Parent?
Here at KYJO, we believe that every child deserves a safe, stable, and loving home. Foster Parents are the special people who open their hearts and homes to children in need of a family. Becoming a foster parent may at times be rewarding, emotionally, especially when you know you have made a difference in a child's life. A foster parent gets a chance to:
* Have a positive role in a child’s growth and development
* Accept a foster child as their own family member
* Become the individual that a foster child can trust and that understand him/or her.
* Meets the child's needs.

Children needing placement Include:

* Boys and Girls
* Infants to eighteen years
* Sibling groups
* Children with behavioral needs

KYJO Services For Foster Parents:

* KYJO holds the license, certifies the homes, and contracts with foster parents
* Foster Pride training
* In-service training
* Small Social Worker case loads
* Foster Parent Support Groups
* 24 hour crises, on –call services
* Tax-free financial support
* Transportation assistance
* Assistance with house supplies from Bed Bath & Beyond, Food bank, Home Depot, and the Disney store.

Foster Child Services
* Weekly to bi-weekly social worker visits
* Trained and experienced mental health professionals
* School support
* Family reunification support
* Holiday socialization activities

Minimum Requirements

KYJO Foster Parent Minimum Requirements are as listed:

  May be married or single
   May have children of their own at home
   May live in a house or apartment
   Must be at least 21 years old
   Must have a working telephone at all times
   Must have an automobile in good mechanical condition
   Must have automobile insurance
   Have a valid California's license
   No Convictions other than minor traffic violations
   Willing to commit to one year of foster parenting
   Able to support child for the first 30 days of placement
   Live within a two hour drive from Fresno County

If you think you would like to be a foster parent and you would like more information about the KYJO program, come by our offices located at 114 E. Shaw Ave. Ste. 211 in Fresno or call (559) 243-7002.

"Change the World, One Child at a Time"