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Kevin's Huddle October 2017

It's been awhile since I wrote a huddle but it's very necessary for this time around... can you say 10 years? Ten years of opportunity and growth! "We grow through what we go through" has been the stable of us getting to where we are today. We have had many ups and downs, but without those we wouldn't have made it this far. That's why perseverance is one of our core values. If we ever gave up, how would we know we could succeed? Getting through the tough stuff makes the journey that much sweeter! 

We have touched many lives along this 10 year journey and too many success stories to name them all.  The many success stories have all happened because of our "passion to make a difference" over these years. No matter the challenges, we always found a way to create opportunities for all... didn't matter who you were. We took chances on those that others have gave up on because they thought they had no hope.... to us giving hope for change. Well KYJO, we provided opportunities that allowed our youth to feel like they had a sense of normalcy. Without those opportunities, change would not have been possible.

Many people have wondered "how are we still standing?" When you are committed to a goal, except responsibility, own your mistakes, learn from them, do it better the next time, have faith and believe...success is inevitable!  With that said, we are reloading for another 10 year run that will be exciting and fulling for all that are a part of the new Look KYJO (KYJO 2.0/K2).

A Special thank you to all that have supported KYJO over these years...from the awesome staff, sponsors, teammates, fraternity brothers, foster parents, foster youth, community partners, Probation departments, Social Service departments and anyone else who has supported KYJO over the years. The past ten years would not have been possible without your support. You all are the true reasons why ten years was possible! This was a total team effort and I appreciate everyone who had a hand in helping to get us to this point.

Again, we have accomplished many things, but our true strength has shown because we are still standing no matter what the obstacles have been. It's now time to show off why it has been destined for us to succeed! I thank everyone for the support over the years, and it's our time to show why you believe in us...

This is true appreciation at it's finest! Be blessed...