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KYJO is so much more than just another residential youth home. As a certified Level 14 Short-term Residential Treatment Program, we go above and beyond to provide not just safe spaces, but the mentorship, guidance, and life experiences that our kids need to develop into thriving adults.

But our support depends on your support. Which is why we’re asking you to help us continue providing the services that make KYJO more – by making a regular, monthly donation.

KYJO’s kids are the future, and we want them to grow up right. With your monthly donation, we’ll continue shaping at-risk children into positive, successful individuals.

Your Partnership Supports:

Events and Activities

Step-Down Celebration

Life Skills

Behavioral Health


Basic Living

Our Kids’ Homes

With your donation, you become a partner in our mission to Keep Youth Journeying Onward. Your support will make a lasting difference in these children’s lives – and your community!

Your Monthly Donation Allows KYJO Kids to:

  • Take part in life-building events and activities.
  • Celebrate their growth and accomplishments.
  • Learn healthy behaviors and life skills.
  • Receive individualized mentoring.
  • Practice positive self-care.

We founded KYJO because we knew that underserved kids in our community needed our support. And we’ve been able to do as much as we have only because of YOUR donations.

Keep Youth Journeying Onward

Your donation helps underserved kids become successful adults.

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