Providing Youth with the Skills They Need in Life

Making a difference is one of KYJO’s core values. It is our goal to assist our residents in leaving better than they came. With job skills development, life skills development, daily living skills, CA ID’s, college preparation and/or enrollment based on age. In order to assist our service demographic in changing their personal outcomes in life. Many come from broken homes, substance abuse background, abuse, sex trafficking, and more. We want them to not only know there is more out there for them, but also that they are able and ready to access it.

Our Life Skills program provides individualized planning to assist our residents in preparing for life after our program and high school. Each resident has an individualized life skills coach and mentor. Utilizing the Casey Life Skills Assessment, we development personalized plans for each resident and youth 12 and older. Our program provides skills development in 10 key areas including goals development, time management, work preparation, college development, self care, and more. They participate in various programs including custom cooking classes, etiquette, business polishing, college tours through out California, just to name a few. Residents experience a change in how they view their own capabilities when participating in the life skills program. It is our goal that our residents have their CA ID, jobs, a bank account and are enrolled in school upon leaving our program when they are 17.5 and/or seniors in high school. We work with kids of all ages to ensure they are accomplished and knowledgeable for their age range.

It is our wish that they are truly prepared for a better way of life after being placed at KYJO.

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